2016 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior

Even though competition is pretty fierce these days, Toyota is still doing its business pretty successfully. It develops great models, keeps pace with latest trends, and equips its cars with latest tech-features so it’s no wonder it is so successful, right? The carmaker is working hard recently, because the 2016 model year will be pretty flourishing for it and its loyal customers. Among many other models scheduled to go on sale in 2016 is the new 2016 Toyota Celica.

Yes, the long-anticipated Celica will finally return on the market. It will be luxurious, modern, excellently designed, and powered by great engine. Compared to the previous generation, the 2016 Celica will be significantly improved, in every way.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior10

Exterior of 2016 Toyota Celica

Those familiar with Toyota’s Celica know that the carmaker delighted us with seven generations of this model, in 35 years. It seems that the eight one will be a real treat for car enthusiasts and Celica fans.

Over the years, Celica has received many changes but it seems that the changes of the 2016 model year will make it the way customers always wanted it to be. The new Celica will have light body structure and low center of gravity that allow driver to control the vehicle as it is a racing car.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior5

It will still be a 3-door hatch. Its design can be described as sharp and pretty aggressive and a great number of car enthusiasts will find it attractive.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior

Toyota hasn’t revealed what kind of changes will take place inside of the cabin. Most probably, seats will be covered in cloth but higher trim levels will be offered with leather-wrapped seats.

Since the Celica is an affordable model, do not expect any premium materials inside of its cabin but it will be nice space though.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior

The dashboard is also expected to suffer some changes and refreshments. As for the features and driver assists, there will be navigation system, keyless-entry, parking assist, three-zone climate control, cross-traffic alert, USB port, Bluetooth, forward collision warning, and others.

Engine of Toyota Celica 2016

The current generation of the Celica is powered by a 1.8-liter inline 4 cylinder engine but it seems that Toyota prepares a great surprise for the 2016 model year. The 1.8-liter engine has the capacity to make 140 hp to 189 horses.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior7

The 2016 Toyota Celica will get a more powerful engine under its hood and even a hybrid engine is not excluded. The carmaker announced that Celica’s new engine will be capable of producing around 310 horsepower. Oomph of the horsepower is not the only thing Toyota has to offer for the new Celica.

Toyota claims that Celica’s new engine will be fuel efficient and an environmental-friendly engine. Details about EPA are yet to be announced but we will take Toyota’s word for it. Some trusted sites reported that the 2016 Toyota Celica will be powered by a 2.0-liter I-4 engine mated to a manual transmission.

We cannot say with confidence what particular engine will ensure power for the vehicle but we can confirm that it will be more powerful and fuel-economic for sure.

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